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Untitled Document offer toll free callback for your web site visitors.

No Software Required:
The application is entirely online and doesn’t require any installation or plug-in from either the company or the customers

Simple Process :
Sign up>> Login >> Create Widget>> Copy and paste your Widget Code in your web page and use ICB.

Hosted Solution:
This is a completely hosted solution, the only thing you need to do is add a link to your website.

Visitor Validation (Optional):
We offer Visitor Validation via SMS, once visitor enters his number he is send a SMS with Verification code, and ask him to enter Verification code, if he enter correct Code Call is Inisiated from IVR else laps.

ICB Icons Cutomization:
You can choose from ICB gallery of pre-designed ICB icons or design your own Icon and upload.

Branding :
Upload of your own logo which will be seen in top of dialing popup of ICB., branding to the ICB! Window.

Help for Web Visitors;
Extensive step by step help for the web visitor.

ICB history:
Access to the ICB! Call History.

Setup your business hours:
Setting of your business hours. Outside business hours calls are blocked, but phone numbers are logged in the ICB! History.

Real time display:
Real time display of call times for both the website owner and the visitors time

Flexible database driven:
Flexible database driven solution

Security :
You can block the mobile numbers, email ids and IP addresses.

Auto reply:
Auto email reply to the customers, the moment he submit a request for call back. In this you can send your Introduction, Company Profile, etc.

Real time display of call:
Real time display of call times for both the website owner and the visitors time

Multiple Icons and phone numbers
There is no restriction on the number of ICB buttons you have on your website. You can even assign different phone numbers to different icons on your website. For example, sales calls will be directed to the sales department while support calls will go directly to the support department Numbers.

We Provide ICB API for developers to integrate it within their application, domain specific

Prepaid System:
Our billing system is pre-paid and you pay only for the calls you actually receive. There are no set up fees, monthly fees.
Key Features:
  • Instant connection: Offer instant toll free calls for your website visitors.
  • The most efficient sales tool in the world is a real human being talking live with a potential customer.
  • Most website visitors would prefer to confirm details and ask questions before deciding to purchase goods or services.
  • You have complete control of which times at which times and from which locations your customers can call.
  • You may change the target telephone number (the number that visitors will be connected to when they hit the push to talk button)
  • Cloud Hosted Solution: This is a completed hosted solution, the only thing you need to do is add a link to your website.
  • Customize your Click Image and popup Banner: A whole range of options for integrating ICB-lick2Call into your website along with the popup click2call window customization.
  • Configuration: Simple web based access to the control panel, allowing quick and easy click2call widget configuration for your website.
  • Real Time Live Reporting: Real time display of all calls generated.
  • Call Log and statistics: Easy access to call log history and statistics produced by ICB-lick2Call.
  • Instant Accounts Setup: No Setup Fee Charged. New accounts created instantly. Top-up credit can be purchased on the fly quickly and easily.
  • ICB-Click2Call also offer ICB-SMS2CALL
How ICB-Click2Call Works:  
ICB Click2Call is a simple instant call back service, which works on & gives you a way to offer click2call services. You embed a few HTML lines of code on your web site and a new image will appear where you want to added it. When the image is clicked, a simple three question form appears asking;
  1. Name
  2. Email id
  3. Callback Number
Once the visitor fills out the above form & submits it, the system takes over and sends email about visitor submitted details and the following is happened:
  1. The telephone number we have on widget for your business is dialed (configured in your widget settings).
  2. Your telephone will start to ring and when you pick up; a voice message will let you know that you are being connected to a website visitor.
  3. At the moment you pick the call our server dials the number entered by your visitor to connect the call. Our server does not care if the visitor number is a landline or mobile.
  4. When the visitor answers, you are instantly connected and all call details can be viewed in Call Log option of Website Member login.
  5. An Auto Email can be sent to Visitor telling about Website Company and thanking him for using Click2Call Services.
In Each ICB-Click2Call Widget you can Configure following settings;
  1. Caller [Leg 1 : Your Company Mobile Number]
  2. Times 2 Retry [Number of Times you want to Retry call in Not Picked]
  3. Accessible on Domain [Your website name on which U are going to use this widget]
  4. Week Off [U can set SUNDAY as your week Off]
  5. Time Off [From] {9 AM }
  6. Time Off [To] {9 PM}
  7. Choose Icon {Image you wish to Put on your website for Click2Call}
  8. General Widget Setting you can Black List & White List Visitor Email id, phone no., IPs.
  9. You can Configure Auto Email Reply to each Visitor who Submits Click2Call Request,with your company profile, etc. 
Please Download the Click2Call Proposal from
Instant Callback SMS 2 Call:
InstantCallBack Click 2 SMS help to connect Website Owner or their Call Centre or Sale Executive instantly with customer who has responded by SMS to your advertisements. How InstantCallBack Click 2 Call Works:
How SMS 2 Call Works:
Rs. 599 / Month
Free 300 minutes of Call Confrence
Free 1 Sub keyword on Long Code
(786 000 5444)
Free SMS2Call
  • The customer types the SMS as suggested in the advertisement and sends it for request an Instant Callback.
  • Now the InstantCallback SMS2Call server builds a connection to the mobile number type by the customer and connects the phone calls.
  • The link immediately triggers a call to a specific phone number at your company. Your sales or customer service representative answers, and the service inform them that they are being connected to customer.
  • Your company representative and your customer are immediately conference together and your staff can answer the visitor's question.
*Rs.300/- per Month extra charged for Main Keyword. (Optional)
Sub Keyword: ICB XXXX Message send to 786 000 5444
XXXX- Your Company Sub Keyword
Main Keyword: YYYY CB Message send to 786 000 5444
YYYY- Your Company Main Keyword
Fine Print:
  • Call Log is Live online.
  • 1 Sub Keyword is Free with every Plan
  • Rs.300/- per Month extra charged for Main Keyword. (Optional)
  • Service Tax @ 15.00 % extra
  • Top-Up Credit Points are Life Time as per Usage.
  • Credits are Charges per side [Owner (Leg 1) & Visitor (Leg 2)]
  • 2 Credit is Charged per 30 Second Call (Leg1 + Leg2).
  • OTP will be sent to Visitors Mobile Number and after Code Verification, Call will be initiated.
  • Just pay the monthly Fee to keep the account Active.
  • This is Pre-Paid Service so please pay before Activation.
WWW.INSTANTCALLBACK.IN : Web Callback, Click to Call, Click2Call Price Plans

ICB Click 2 Call Pricing :
# Minutes Validity Credits Amount Select Plan
    Months 1 Credit=30 Sec.Pulse Rs.  
1 375 1 750 600.00
2 1250 3 2500 1500.00
3 2250 6 4500 2500.00
4 5750 12 11500 6000.00

Add Ons / Top Up Click 2 Call Credits
  Full Name *
  Email *
  Company Details:  
  Company Name
  Street Address *
  Area Address
  City *
  Country *
  LandLine #
  Cell # *
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