Click 2 Call

Click 2 Call is the instant Call back Services for all Web Site Owners / Webmasters / Marketing Team of your Website, etc.that like to offer a free phone call to their visitors.

SMS 2 Call

SMS2Call helps to connect Website Owner or their Call Centre or Sale Executive instantly with customer who has responded by SMS to your advertisements.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is a simple communications technology that broadcasta recorded voice message (advertisement/ jingle) tothousands of call recipients in a very short period of time.

Virtual Call Center

In Virtual Call Centre, you can Setup a Voice Message as Introduction with Options of Pressing key Option 1, 2, 3, 4, & so on..

Voice SMS

It is a simple communications technology that broadcast a recorded voice message to thousands of call recipients.

Text 2 Voice Call

Send message through our Web Panel dashboard or API and they will be converted from SMS text to voice call

Our Skills

Dedicated to Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Bulk SMS Gateway, Long/Short Code, SIM Hosting, Email2Fax, Email2Phone, Instant Callback, Virtual Call Centre, Voice Broadcasting, Online Payment Gateway Services,Consultancy, Intranet, Wide Area Network, Wi-Fi & Wi-Max Solutions, Bulk Document Scanning, Storage & Management, Call Center Infrastructure , Mobile Application Developer & VAS Provider, Software Application Development, IT enabled Solutions, Remote Infrastructure Support (Data Centre) & More..

VAS Application Development, Deployment

Application Development, Deployment, Support 100%
Telecom and Voice Communication Services 90%
IT Business Solutions 75%
Web/Database Programming 55%