ICB SMS 2 Call Solution

InstantCallBack SMS2Call helps to connect Website Owneror their Call Centre or Sale Executive instantly with customer who has responded by SMS to your advertisements.

  • InstantCallBack.in allows web Site Visitors to type in their Phone/Mobile Number & click the Call Button, instantly their phone will ring and they will be connected to a representative of the site owner over normal phone lines.
  • Control:All InstantCallback.in account owners can set their time-zone, business hours and countrylist for their InstantCallback.in account in the on-line control panel. This way theInstantCallback.in account owner decides when he is available for calls..
  • Privacy:The InstantCallback.in system does not show the phone number you stored in the system tothe web-visitor. The InstantCallback.in account owner can for example acceptInstantCallback.in calls on his mobile phone without publishing his mobile phone number.The InstantCallback.in account owner can change the stored phone number in the on-lineInstantCallback.in control panel any time..